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Congratulations for your wedding!

The universe has made our paths cross and I know it is because of a wonderful reason. Providing you with all of my attention and dedicating you all of the time that you need and deserve is my priority.

With a documentary photographic style, I will freeze moments of your wedding in a natural way, without poses.

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I will devote myself to your wedding and I will provide you with all of the necessary time to give you the best of me and picture all of the valuable moments of your day.

Your mission would be to enjoy without any pressures and a lot of happiness this chapter of your life.

Quién soy, inversión y contacto by Maya Lagos

Every couple is different and every wedding is different and it is very valuable for me to get to know your story and what you plan on experiencing the day of your wedding.

This way we will be able to connect in the same channel and perform excellent teamwork.

I can photograph your wedding from the beginning to the end, or just for a few hoursyou decide.

The importance of your Pre-Wedding.

The Pre-Wedding is a two hours photographic session that we do days, weeks or even months before your wedding. Having your Pre-Wedding will help you relieve your nervousness, get you familiarized with the camera, to get to know each other and for us to talk so the day of your wedding there is an excellent communication between all of us.

Quién soy, inversión y contacto by Maya Lagos

The photographic result of the day of your wedding.

I will give you a Private Photo Gallery with digital full color photos with their black and white copy.

Quién soy, inversión y contacto by Maya Lagos

When will you receive your photos?

You will receive the first 50 digital photos five days after your wedding in a Private Photo Gallery. You will receive the rest of the images in a maximum of 30 days after your event, although I normally deliver the total amount of the photos before the stablished dateline.Quién soy, inversión y contacto by Maya Lagos

The Magic Box.

My documentary photographic package will include a beautiful handmade case made out of fine cedar wood. It will include a USB stick and photos printed with the highest quality of ink and paper.


An investment for life.

The price is the result of the sum of several values that you obtain and deserve thru all the months that we will be in contact.

Prices for Guadalajara, Jalisco from $ 600.00 US dollars and I offer you several photo packages for your wedding.

You will receive personalized attention at all moments. I will be in contact with you as much as needed and will respond to all of your doubts by e-mail, Skype or WhatsApp.

Payment forms: Paypal, interbank transfer or bank deposit. I offer you several package options.

Schedule your wedding date with a 30% down payment when signing your contract. After that, your payments can be made in a monthly basis. The total amount of your package should be covered 30 days before your wedding date.Quién soy, inversión y contacto by Maya Lagos

Why should you choose Maya Lagos?

Documentary photography of weddings is not a service it is an artistic tribute to love. Creating a link that goes far above a cold “Photographer-Client-Service” is my specialty.

I don’t do ordinary weddings, I do weddings out of the ordinary. I devote myself to your wedding as if it where mine. Because the things that are done with love and heart are the ones that excel!

Quién soy, inversión y contacto by Maya Lagos

Contact me:

¡Let’s keep the moment alive forever!

And the most important thing: you are not here because of casualty. The inner voice of your intuition is never wrong!

See you soon! Hugs to you. Maya.

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