About Me

It is a great pleasure knowing that you are reading these lines. Thanks for visiting my site.

My name is Maya Lagos; I am a Mexican woman who loves traveling the world. I have witnessed my fathers’ passion for photography since I was a little girl. I fell in Love with this wonderful art 20 years ago while taking my first photography course.

Quién soy, inversión y contacto by Maya Lagos

I love people who are authentic and who value their memories and keep them forever as a precious treasure.

Maya Lagos is more than just a name, we are a photographers team created by me and Sandra Palafox.

Together we are unstoppable!

I’m a fervent admirer of exquisite music, good movies, nature and good literature. I enjoy having an aromatic coffee along with a delicious conversation and I also love dogs.

¡Let’s keep the moment alive forever!

Life has given me the opportunity to take the magical journey of photography and I am here to invite you to take this wonderful flight with me. This flight is the one life itself takes once you realize the magic is in you.

See you soon! Hugs to you. Maya.

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